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Technical Details

  • Gold case 585/000
  • Case diameter: 40 mm
  • Swiss automatic clock unit
    ETA 2824-2, calibre 11½
  • Date display in 6 o’clock position
  • Slightly crowned
    scratch-resistant sapphire glass
  • Arched dial with
    attached appliqués
  • Delivered in classic
    wooden box

Craftmanship made in Germany

High quality materials, highest precision and
accuracy have always been a feature of Liha
gold watches. As one of the oldest watch
manufactories in Germany, we combine
modern production with the tradition of
the Liebhaber watchmaker family.

Liha gold watches show the time at its best. A distinctive feature is the depiction of the lunar phases. In the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o‘clock positions, the moon can be seen as a quarter, half, threequarter and full moon. The symbolic celestial bodies stand out from the dial by the use of golden appliqués. Thus, even during the day, the shining moons can still be seen.

The watchstraps for Liha gold watches are made of the best and finest leather in more than 170 operations. All the leather is worked by hand according to the elaborate procedures of the traditional leatherworking craft. An exact hand seam requires all the skills of a master craftsman. The traditional Swiss Vollumbugg method ensures that the highest quality standards are satisfied.

Gold watches of outstanding value.

Apart from the intangible value of a Liha watch based on its tradition, history and craftmanship, Liha gold watches are characterised by the top quality materials used – in particular by the precious metals: Liha only uses alloys of the highest quality that have been proven in Germany to be ethically sourced. Due to the lasting value of the recious metals, Liha watches retain their value in an exceptional way.

A watch goes round the world

The history of the watch brand Liha started in 1918 when Johann Liebhaber registered his one-man watchmaking business in the register of qualified craftsmen. In the 1930s, elaborately designed Liha watches were already worn in Europe, India, China, Africa and South America.

Max Liebhaber, one of five children of the family, was born in 1928. Later he converted his father’s business to the distribution of advertising articles. But he always remained true to watches. To help with the restauration of churches he produced watches for them and donated some amount of the earnings.

Today the love for watches is passed on by the grandchildren of the company founder.

Thus the Liha gold watch became much more than just a watch: it embodies the history of a unique family tradition.

Liha clocks have always been special

Elegant, highly accurate and very reliable – Liha emphasised these attributes to promote its automatic clocks in the 1950s. Then as now, the golden clocks have always been characterised by the quality of their materials and fine watchmaking, combined with their clear lines and unique design. Johann Liebhaber created a clock for generations of people, laying the foundations for a strong family business.

People wearing Liha do some good.

Do some good – that was Max Liebhaber‘s philosophy which Liha still upholds today: with each watch sold, charities sponsored by the “Max Liebhaber Foundation” are supported. Thereby Liha customers not only purchase a very special watch but also do some good contributing to Liha‘s social commitment.

Max Liebhaber‘s philosophy remains at the heart of the institution bearing his name, the “Max Liebhaber Foundation“. Founded in 2012, it supports social, cultural and sporting projects.



Dark red /
Green /
Brown /
Blue /
Beige /
Anthracite /
Buckle with thorn close
Double folding clasp


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